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Don't Make the Biggest Mistake of Your Life!
and Buy a Deal Without Checking for ALL the liens!

Be Sure to Check Out
the Title Before You Buy!

Title Searches


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Title Overview Q&A

So What Exactly is a Title Search?

Our Title Searches shows who the current owners of record are and any outstanding mortgages against the property, The Original Balance, Name of the Lienholder,  as well as IRS tax liens, Judgments, and home improvements liens, etc.

Your Title Search comes in an E-Z to read format with comments on each document. All buyers should have the title checked before purchasing any real estate to avoid legal and financial disasters.

How Reliable is a Title Search?

We conduct a thorough review of the official records kept by the County Clerks Office.  Our title research is as reliable as the records themselves.   In the past 14 years of researching thousands of local properties,  we have a spotless record of excellence.

Do you provide any Insurance?

We are a Title Abstracting & Researching Company.  We Just Do the  Research. We don't offer closing services or document preparation and we don't offer Title Insurance.  But be careful, because if you are planning on buying ANY property at the Auction,  NO Title Company will offer any Title Insurance then,  as the Trustee or Foreclosing Bank are selling the Property, AS IS.  A Title Company will offer to do a Title Search...but often  their price is Double or Triple...what ours is, due to their High Overhead costs.

If you happen to be the Successful Bidder at Auction AND IF the property has clean title, (because You Did your Homework BEFORE you bought it, right?)  then most Title Companies...will issue a Title Policy, if it has clean the event you may need to get a loan or to sell the property.

What is Not Included in a Title Search?

There are only 3 things, generally, that are not included in our title searches

1) Property Taxes (You Can check here for more tax info Harris County Appraisal District Website
2) Association Dues are Sometimes not recorded but may still be due money.
3) As Such,  Except for Association Dues, Any Lien that is not recorded in the official records, will not be in our results.

We Do Cover Any other Lien, including IRS liens, Home Improvement or purchase money mortgages, that was recorded against the property or against the homeowner that might effect the the title.

InnerCircle Discount Prices and Membership Form


Real Estate Title Searches*

Houston/Harris County

Real Estate Title Search  Reg. Price  $60

InnerCircle Customer Discount Member Prices
(Register Now Below for Silver Discount Membership and get a  FREE gift until February 2007)

*Prices listed are based on average for Harris County residential property. Average for Commercial or other Texas counties Title Search- Ft. Bend, Galveston, Brazoria, Montgomery, Walker, Dallas, Bexar Counties, etc.)      $80-$150.00 ea.   Call for Price Quote. Join our Discount Club for Discount Member Prices. 

Our Turn-around Time averages 24-48 Hours
RUSH SERVICE IS Also Available

For the Quickest Research in town,
Call Mon-Sat (9 a.m.-6 p.m.) 
at (281) 546-8470

FAX Your Order TO
(281) 754-4428
Include the Following:

Any or All of the following, if available
-Are you a Silver, Gold or Platinum Member ??
-Tax or Mortgage FLS List
-Section of Town (NE, NW, SE, or SW)
- Street Address , Legal Description, Name of Owner

Ex:  Silver Member
       1456 Jackson St,
       Lot 12 Blk 3 River Oaks,
       John Y. Smith 

We accept :
 Cash, Check, Visa, M/C, Discover, Am/Ex.
Background Checks

Civil Records search $20 

Criminal Records search $20 

Divorce Records search $20 

Bankruptcy search $20 

S.S.N./IRS tax lien search $20 

Probate Records search $20 

D.B.A. Business Name search $20 

Marriage Records search $ 15 

Voter's registration search $ 15 

U.C.C. Search $ 15 

Property Tax Suit Search $ 20 

Rev Phone to address search $ 15 

Rev. Address to Phone search $ 15 

Property Profile $  5

  Be Sure to Check Out our Member Prices and
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Membership Club

InnerCircle Discount Prices and Membership

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